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7 Ways to Upgrade Your Old Diamond Engagement Ring

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diamond engagement rings

It’s been years with the same engagement ring in your finger. Aren’t you bored with it? But don’t want to replace it as there are memories, feelings, emotions attached? Don’t worry, we have another way to change the look! Why don’t going for an up-gradation?

Up-gradation! Yes, this is the way you can change the looks of your rings completely without even replacing the rings. Most of the time, it is not the cost that matters, but the sentiments we have with our certain stuff, like our first car, our first phone, our first laptop etc. So, this happens with our engagement rings.

It’s just not a ring, but a reminder of the most beautiful and emotional moment of our life. And so none would want to replace such a sentimental thing. So, why not upgrade it!

Here we are giving you 7 ways to get your old diamond engagement rings upgraded into timeless jewelry pieces.

7 Ways You Can Get Your Diamond Engagement Ring Upgraded

diamond engagement rings

#1: Replace the Center Diamond

The above statement itself signifies that rings beauty is compared with the size of the diamond. The bigger the diamond the beautiful the ring seems. And when it comes for upgradation of your old diamond engagement ring, this is the best option can be taken for.

If you have a diamond ring with a center diamond in it, then this option is for you. You need to change the central diamond with a bigger one. This may be a little expensive but it’s worth it.

While buying a bigger diamond, don’t forget to check its clarity and cuts. Cuts are responsible for the reflection that occurs from a diamond. The better the cuts are, the better it will sparkle.

Clarity refers to the flaws. Before buying a bigger diamond don’t you forget to check if its flaws are visible from the naked eyes or not? If it does then you shouldn’t go for it.

“A ring is as beautiful as bigger is the diamond in it”.

#2: Hola Setting

Sentiments often stop you from replacing the things, this can happen with your old diamond engagement ring too. Maybe the reason behind you dropping the first option could be either due to the budget or due to the sentiments, and then this option is for you.

To upgrade the look of your diamond engagement ring, you can add a hola setting to it. A hola setting is generally a line of small diamonds around the central large diamond. The most interesting thing about this setting is that you don’t need to change the central diamond. One hola setting in the diamond ring can change its look effectively and add a charm to it.

Not satisfied with a single Hola setting?

Then you can add up to two hola setting. This will enhance the overall look of the ring by adding more sparkle to the central diamond.

For more Engagement Rings Settings ideas keep scrolling down.

#3: Adding Gemstone

Not satisfied with the halo setting? We still have options available for you!

You can go for gemstones or colored stones. If you love drama and colored tint to your stuff. Then, go for this option. You can add colored stones as halo setting around the original central diamond of the ring. This will do wonder to the ring.

You can add gemstone according to your spouse birth date, anniversary or childbirth. You can use ruby, emeralds, and sapphires to your ring which will completely amaze you afterward.

#4: Adding Side Stone

Don’t want to replace the center stone? Hola setting doesn’t suit you? Don’t worry we still have options left for you!

To change the look of your diamond ring, you can also add side stone to it. The side stones can be diamond or any other stone which would complement the central diamond of the ring. The side stones have to be added on both sides of the rings. Before selecting one don’t forget to ask your jeweler to show you the complete look of the ring after upgradation. This will make it easy for you to choose if it would enhance the look or not!

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#5: Change the Peg Setting

If your ring has a peg setting, then this would be the best option for you!

Peg setting usually refers to the setting holding the diamond, fixed to the engagement band, as the golf ball on the golf tee.

If your ring has this, then go for this option. The diamond holding part will be replaced by a peg having a greater diamond. And this would amaze you with the upgraded look.

#6: Changing Setting of the Ring

Maybe at the time of your engagement, your husband was not that financially good. You got engaged with an old engagement ring of his mother. But now the situation has changed and the financial condition too.

You can afford a new ring yourselves, but don’t want to replace one with this. But an upgradation can work. You can keep the stone of the ring and change the overall design of the ring. You can also alter the metal of the ring. This would keep the sentiments attached to it and with a completely new look. Sounds great?

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#7: Engrave Secret Message

Don’t want to make any changes in the ring? But wants to upgrade to surprise your other half! Then, this is your option.

You can engrave a secret message in your old diamond engagement ring. The message can be your engagement or wedding date, spouse birth date, initials of yours and your partner’s name, beautiful poetry, or a short emotional message. This can be totally surprising for your partner and a little more emotional touch would be added.

It's time to upgrade your engagement ring?

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