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Top 3 Necessary Pair of Diamond Earrings Every Woman Must Own

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Have you ever wondered what’s missing in your jewellery box?

In ancient times, women pulled out their jewellery only for very special occasions. Nowadays, it has become trending to wear diamonds even in day-to-day life. You can wear them to work, when you’re visiting your friends, or attending some functions. You didn’t buy those enticing earrings only to wear a couple of times in a year.

As you know the basic purpose of clothes is to cover the body and so diamond earrings serve the purpose of embellishing you. However, Diamond earrings are the very basic piece of jewellery that every woman must have.

“Your intention while wearing this alluring piece of jewellery would be complete your ensemble for your day, your evening, or the next big event”.

Our pair of Diamond Earrings Toronto helps you to complete your purpose. So, let’s talk about what pair diamond earrings are missing your box.

Which Diamond Earrings Women Must Have?

Diamond earrings are going to elevate your look no matter what day or occasion you’re wearing on.

Here’s those….

#1: Simple Diamond Studs

This is the stunning and classic staple that never goes out of style. Diamond studs typically symbolize that a woman in love or to someone special can wear them. But, this is not mandatory that women in a relationship only can wear them.

diamond stud earring

When it comes to diamond stud earrings it serves a purpose of being something different in terms of 4C grades. Diamond studs don’t hold great importance for clarity and color as it is for engagement rings.

Diamond studs can either come in round or square shape and can vary in size. They will suit on any occasion and dresses you wear.

#2: Diamond Hoops

Diamond hoops are a versatile pair of jewellery and are wearable on any occasion. Just like studs your earrings size can vary according to your preferences and style.

diamond hoop earrings

Unlike studs, you would feel uncomfortable to wear large hoops at work – those would work better for some special occasions.

The hoops would come in full circle, cross diamond, and “J” shaped. The quality that describes a woman is personified onto hoops design in diamonds.

#3: Diamond Dangles

The word “dangle” means to hang and swing to and fro or side by side. Diamond dangles hangs below the earlobe and has movement. The length of these earrings would be larger and some of them can even brush your shoulder.

diamond dangle earrings

Just like hoops, dangles would also be uncomfortable to wear at work. For special occasions, diamond dangles add sparkle to your face.


The dangles are a true staple for women. Your earrings must be more than average just like you and so diamond dangles serve the perfect purpose.


Is your box missing above diamond earrings?


These various types of earrings would perfectly suit every woman and elevate their personality. Mira jewellery is one of the best jewellery store that helps you to complete your jewellery collection from a wide range of exquisite collection.


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