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Best Custom Made Diamond Jewellery Toronto | Mira Jewellery

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Create one-of-a-kind jewellery for your loved ones with Mira Jewellery!!!

Are you unable to find the piece of jewelry of your choice? Are you tired of seeing the same designs in all the jewellery store window?

If these are the reasons probably you’re looking for one-of-a-kind jewelry to make your special one proud with the unique jewellery, you can make your loved ones surprised with the elegant and sparkling piece.

Since the life of any piece of jewellery begins with an idea and you can find it from anywhere. You may get some pictures on the internet that may draw all your attention.

“Custom made elegant & luxurious jewelry will get you special attention.

You’ll always look stunning with the custom-designed jewellery. With our jewelry making process, you’ll be involved in the designing until you receive your final product.

You can never find a match of Custom Jewelry Toronto in terms of ready-made and custom-designed jewellery. You’ll be awful to have a piece of jewellery crafted from our potential experienced designers.

Custom jewellery is the ultimate expression that a loved one took the time to understand the recipient in a meaningful way. The process of making can differ from jewellers to jewellers but we are completely transparent to you.

How Custom Jewellery Will Be Made?

Read on to know how it happens….

#1: Get the Ball Rolling

The best surprise in the custom jewellery is that itself a surprise. You won’t go wrong if you’re designing it yourself or giving someone an idea to design.

Our designers are creative enough to design a unique piece especially for you. If you have an idea and you don’t know the correct direct our designer will provide you with a direction.

#2: Translate the Vision

Whether you’re gifting custom jewellery to someone else or someone is gifting it to you, the vision is the critical element. One should think about the type and general shape to give the preference to the receiver.

Mire Jewellery designers have a well understanding of crafting the jewellery so you won’t find any difficulty once you visit us.

#3: Consider the Details

What metal, gemstone, and style wearer prefer? This is the point to think about when you’re gifting custom jewellery to someone. Make a sketch of all the materials you would like to use in the jewellery.

Our jewellery designers will be guiding you through the jewellery making process to understand the material well before crafting it into the jewellery.

#4: Meet with Your Jeweller

You should make an appointment with your jeweller to have the initial consultation to understand the budget and jewellery making process.

We’ll show you our previous custom pieces before asking your sketch so that you can see our creativity and decide if you want to go ahead. With us, you can also make sure if the gemstones in the jewellery are perfectly secured and it’s not uncomfortable to wear.

#5: Review the Sketch

Show your sketch to the designer and go over the material and the dimensions. The designer may ask you some questions and refine your sketch. Designer will make sure your jewellery is wearable and stable, that it’s not too heavy and proportions are pleasing.

Our designers are experienced enough in designing the jewellery so that you won’t find any difficulty while wearing and it’ll provide you with an elevated personality.

#6: Make Revisions and Give Final Approval

You’ll have to make several visits to the jewellery store before you give the final approval to design the jewellery. Jeweller will make a wax model of your design showing different angles. After this point, if you make any changes in the piece will involve additional expense.

Our jewellery designer will take final approval before going ahead to design the final product and they’ll make sure if you need any changes now to lower the chances of additional expenses.

#7: Mind Your Business – Literally

Since it’s easy to get swept up in the emotion of designing a piece for someone special, you shouldn’t forget the business aspect of this process. You should get everything in written from your responsibility to the jewellers. And you should never forget the warranty!

Mira Jewellery each piece comes with a warranty to withstand the integrity of the piece and we’ll also provide you everything in written from your responsibility to our responsibility.

Want To Turn Your Thoughts Into Reality With Custom Jewellery?

Mira Jewellery is a well-known jewelry store which provides you with ready-made and custom-designed jewellery with high-quality material.

Customer satisfaction is our top notch and we’ll never let our customer feel low once they visit us. We provide you Diamond Engagement Rings Toronto, diamond earrings, wedding bands, and necklaces with warranty so you could never get cheated.

To have more idea about custom jewellery visit us and become the owner of our one-of-a-kind jewellery that you can't see the same design elsewhere.

Contact US @ +1 (647) 361 0692

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